Business Profile
Danaos Platform™ enables all shipping companies to publish their business profile along with all their contact details, list the products and services they offer and any relevant brochures, etc.

  • Your company's news, events, needs and offerings addressed to targeted recipients.
  • Professional and safe video conferencing
  • Corporate presentation, which can be updated in seconds.
  • Have a presence in the online world of shipping.

Corporate profile editor

  • Include as much detail as you like to your profile.
  • Display certificates and company overview (mission, vision etc.)
  • Permit access to your profile to the platform member of your choice.
  • Fully customized screens
  • Enhanced visibility profiles through Capital Link partnership

Unified company profile for all company members

  • Company’s administrator moderates each member profile style.
  • Full control over the online presence and authority levels assigned to each employee through platform message controller