The Danaos Platform was launched in the 2014 User Meetings on the 27th of May. The versatility of the functions offered were presented, resulting into a wide recognition by the participating audience.

Specifically, creating both a space for commercial transactions as well as for professional social networking offers limitless communication and interaction possibilities to the Danaos Platform’s members.

The Danaos Platform has been received with great enthusiasm by our clients which have been eager to register and start using it. Indeed by the time this article is written more than 120 companies have registered to the Platform creating a solid core for the future.

The more enthusiastic of our members have already performed Requests For Quotes for their supply chain kindly sharing their first impressions with us. Also, it is worth noting that an increasing number of the Support functions of Danaos is offered through the Platform. First feedback and impressions clearly exceed expectations.

The unparalleled relationship that we enjoy with our customers here at Danaos meant that we received very quickly the first feedback comments and the extremely valuable suggestions and ideas. We are currently working on implementing them and we believe that soon we’ll have them incorporated to Danaos Platform.

Registration to the Platform remains open and free and we would like to invite all shipping stakeholders to register with us.


On the 30th of May the 2014 User Meetings have been successfully concluded. Observing high numbers of attendance from a number of countries the User Meetings unfolded over the course of 3 days covering all the applications of Danaos.

During the opening day of the User Meetings the new strategy of Danaos for the next two years was unfolded and can be succinctly summed up as placing a special attention to the nowadays rapidly developing customer needs demanding constant innovation and support from the expert staff of Danaos.

Moreover, the Danaos Platform was unveiled with some of our clients participating to the User Meetings by utilizing the Platform’s capabilities.

On the following days all participants had the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue over the past and future developments of the Danaos family of products, meet with Danaos staff and informally converse about potential future developments. The Forums function of the Danaos Platform was utilized for structuring the presentations of our Support Engineers.

It has been a great pleasure seeing so many of our clients, many of which we now refer to as friends and collaborators.

We are looking forward to see our old and new friends again in the Danaos User Meetings 2016.

The Danaos Platform is the first implementation of the "Single Data Window" that follows the new standard for information dissemination in the European Union that has been developed by the e-Maritime initiative ( This new standard will be submitted to the European Commission for adoption as a pan-European standard to be followed by all the maritime stakeholders in the European state and private sectors.
Moreover, all the forthcoming Danaos Users Meetings will be handled through the Platform, as follows:
1) Users Forums: Within the many forums in the Platform the users can view all the new developments and they can register online their comments and requests for improvements, in preparation for the physical meetings. We remind you that all users requests (that will be agreed by the majority of the users) submitted during the Users Conference are developed by Danaos free of charge!
2) Videoconferencing: All the sessions of the Users Meetings will be broadcast live, via videoconferencing, through the Platform videoconferencing facility. Your users can also "playback" the sessions at a later time, if they cannot attend online during the live session. See More

Danaos Users Meeting (27 – 30 MAY 2014)

Together with all the other innovations to be presented during the Users Meetings (such as the Danaos Web Enterprise version) we are pleased to announce that through the new Danaos Platform we are offering the following services:

1. The Users Meetings will be broadcast on the Web. Viewing access is open to everyone, but priority (for questions) will be given to companies abroad.

2. Specialized forums are available on the Platform for the users to register issues for discussion during each Users Meeting session.

To participate, please register now at


WAVES is Fleet Performance Monitoring System  more...


A utility tool allow the end user to tailor-build his/her personalized interface for Danaos systems

Using lists of existing  Danaos objects, any  images, multimedia, personal files, documents from the corporate document management system, etc., every user can create his/her personalized user interface by defining hot spots on the selected images   more...

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