Terms & Conditions

last updated 05/Aug/2013

Every member/user or even visitor of the Danaos Platform must agree unconditionally with the following concepts:

  1. The content of the platform is posted (or updated/publicized/linked, etc.) by the    members themselves who have the sole responsibility for the accuracy/legality/copyright protection/ethics, etc. that is relevant to that content.
  2. The Danaos Platform has been developed and is fully owned in every respect by “Danaos Management Consultants S.A.” who retains every intellectual property rights of the concept, the actual design and the final product. Danaos Management Consultants S.A. grants to the members of the Danaos Platform a perpetual license to use the platform only, through a standard web browser.
  3. The Danaos Platform allows companies to interface their existing in-house systems with the platform, to electronically post to, or receive information, from the platform. For the scope of the operation of this interface, a separate agreement must be held between the company and the owners of the Danaos Platform, i.e. Danaos Management Consultants S.A.
  4. The platform must be used only by persons above 18 years of age.
  5. The owners of the Danaos Platform may change the Terms of Use or even the functionality of platform at any time.  The usage of the platform implies unconditional acceptance of the current terms and conditions.  read more…