The Danaos platform is dedicated to the shipping sector (but it could also apply to any vertical market). The individuality, privacy, and security of each member company, or of each individual shipping professional, are of primary importance.

Shipping companies are able to produce Web-services from their existing in-house software systems and render them on the platform.  Existing IT systems can be updated with information from the platform by consuming Web-services that are offered by the other platform members.

The Danaos Platform is a place for shipping professionals to:

  1. Communicate by exchanging messages and posting ideas to forums. Conferencing,   chatting and calling by phone is also available.
  2. Promote their products and services through the comprehensive shipping directory. Additionally, advertisement options are available. 
  3. Search forproducts and services in any port.
  4. Initiate business transactions from office or vessel systems directly, with any other platform member.
  5. Participate in projects utilizing the project private area of the platform.