Danaos Corporate Profile

Danaos has a rich history spanning several decades (incorporated in 1986). Today is the leading maritime Information Technology (I.T.) provinder serving over 500 customers globally.

Danaos development strategy has been to integrate Shipping Expertise, modern Management principles and experience gained from existing implementations into flexible and user-friendly Software that incorporates the latest technological advances.

Danaos offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that include:

  • an integrated ship management system aiming to automate, optimize, and control (onboard and ashore) every element of the running cost before it reaches the accounts
  • commercial operations  system for the majority of vessel types, aiming to optimize vessel utilization, audit, and record revenues and expenses related to operations
  • optimal routing systems to improve passage profitability, control fuel costs, improve vessel utilization, and comply with Energy Efficiency regulations
  • international standards accounting system, specially designed for the shipping industry, aiming to record running costs and operational profits from voyages, COAs, etc., spanning through fiscal years and involving multiple legal entities,
  • health safety quality environment (HSQE) system fully integrated to the novel e-compliance system, aiming to guarantee regulatory and corporate rule compliance, automate processes on board and ashore,
  • an integrated  communications package  offering email, fax, sms, supporting also mobile users using BlackBerry, smartphones or tablets
  • social & professional networking, enabling the collaboration in shipping
  • new, specialized report writers and form creation tools, enabling users to create their own  forms and reports to support specialized processes,
  • a rich array of implementation and outsourcing services  through the Danaos Greek and India offices, so that the customer can outsource all routine time-consuming work and can concentrate on the important managerial tasks.

The Danaos system fully meets goal-based management principles, supporting industry and user-defined KPIs, exception management (alerting the appropriate users for any non-compliance to the corporate goals), and risk-based management.

The Danaos modules are implemented on both the office and onboard the vessels, and are exchanging data transparently through any satellite communications method.

Danaos is extremely active in R&D , participating in many major EU and international projects. Danaos has secured several important distinctions and awards in maritime research.

Danaos is fully ISO Certified and has 100+ staff, own offices in Greece, India, Norway and Cyprus and representation in USA, UK, Hamburg, Dubai, Istanbul and Singapore. <Previous